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Sao Paulo
Hospitality Industry

Welcome to LodgingGuide's hospitality industry listings for the Sao Paulo area.

Begun as a quiet Jesuit town in the 16th century, Sao Paulo now covers over 3,000 square miles, and is the largest city in South America. Viewed as a land of opportunity and escape from oppression by Europeans and others, Sao Paulo became densely populated and urbanized, sometimes faster than the city's infrastructure could keep pace, as is evident in the smog and overcrowding that frquently accompany rapid development. In addition to the standard Brazilian mix of Indian, Portuguese and African ancestry, Sao Paulo also has attracted German speaking immigrants both from the Napoleonic invasion that compelled a Portuguese king to flee here with his son and Alsation bride, and from former German citizens who found their homeland less hospitable after World War II. Even U.S. southerners escaping with their antebellum wealth from a failing Confederacy found sanctuary here. Many of these immigrants found new wealth as coffee plantation owners, leading to Sao Paulo's emergence as one of the world's major coffee producers. Fortunately, these early magnates, many of whom had fled from former aristocracies of their own, gave generously to the arts, making Sao Paulo the most cultural city in South America, as well as the most industrialized. The museums are filled with European art treasures, and the business and factories are as active here as the nightclubs are spirited. The samba heart of Brazil, truly the New York City of South America, beats in Sao Paulo day and night.

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· Downtown Sao Paulo · Sao Paulo Business District
Hotels located in the historical city center, near subway, train, convention center and shopping and business areas. Hotels in the business and financial district of Sao Paulo, close to the city center.
· Surrounding Communities · Sao Paulo
Hotels in communities near Sao Paulo such as Guaruja Island, Aguas de Sao Pedro, Serra Negra, Ilhabela, Atibaia, Ubatuba, Riberao Prieto, Sao Jose dos Campos and Campinas. Hotels with Sao Paulo addresses outside the city center, but in the metro region.

Area Facts: Sao Paulo is the second largest city (by population) in the world, with a population of 18 million, second only to Tokyo, with about 20 million. The international dialing code for Brazil is 55.

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